Thursday, December 25, 2014

Deck the Halls

This was our first Christmas in Nell. It was such a sweet one, maybe the best we have had. We kept things rather laid back. A move, a new baby, and non-stop renovation can force the biggest organization freak to take a chill pill....a much needed one! This year we did something special. We bought our first real tree (well, first for this family as a whole). I had been asking for one for a few years, and for one reason or another it just was not the right time. This year Nell was asking for it. Putting up an artificial tree just seemed wrong in Nell's 1931 walls (no hate coming at any artificial tree buyers!). And there just so happened to be a sign at the end of our road for a Christmas tree farm 10 minutes from our house!!!! We all loaded up and went to pick out the perfect tree. When we arrived at Ward Grove Christmas Tree farm, we all loaded up into a horse drawn carriage, making our way to a beautiful grove of trees. Night was approaching, so we had to search quickly. Not too fat, not too skinny, not too short and not too many tall.


We found the perfect tree and in no time it was cut down, 
loaded up and  making its way back to our truck!

We brought it home, put it up and it looked perfect....well, almost! We quickly turned on some Christmas tunes and went to work adorning the tree with ornaments from years passed.

We also celebrated Christmas with the Children's Christmas musical at our church. 
They did a splendid job.

We made more ornaments this year. They love crafting and do such great work.

Jude's first Christmas

Christmas morning

2014 Family Christmas

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