Sunday, October 26, 2014

Little pumpkins

We took our annual trip to the Green Acres pumpkin patch in Milan, TN. We take a family trip each fall to gather our pumpkins for fall decorations. It is our family tradition to usher in the each new fall season. We love to take trips, spend time together as a family and have fun all at the same time. Sometimes life does not provide an abundance of occasions such as these. We like to plan them, put them on the calendar. Traditions are vital for our family. Our big family stays busy...sometimes too busy. We love to look forward to the activities that we know are coming each year! And we love the photo opportunities where we can see the growth in our children...and on some years, the growth in our family!

The kids love to express their personalities through art. We just do not have enough opportunities with art! They can sit in quiet concentration, painting for hours. The pumpkins that they choose at the pumpkin patch is one of those sought after moments. They love to paint and create characters with their pumpkins each year! I love that they love it!

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