Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Broken...part 3

From the outside looking in, it would seem that the West family  is trying to start a new tradition...breaking bones! Specifically arms! We have officially had half of our children to break their arm, with the addition of our first daughter Mia's broken arm. One might think we live wild lives around here, but I assure you we try to keep it as tame as possible. Eli broke his arm jumping off of the play gym in our backyard when he was five. Abe broke his arm last November, when he fell through the net surrounding our trampoline. And we finally come to our most recent incident...a bike accident at the home of family friends! Our children were enjoying an afternoon of fun with good friends (fourteen children total), when two accidentally crashed into one another. Mia was one tough cookie. She complained of some pain, but nothing severe. After three days of lingering pain, we called our pediatrician. She referred us to Jackson Bone and Joint Clinic, where an x-ray confirmed a tiny break on her radius. Her left arm was placed in a bright pink cast of her choice! She proudly flounced in the door to show me her cast! She only had to wear it three weeks, which was the shortest time frame of the breaks we have endured thus far. She showered in a Wal-Mart sack to keep it dry (although the thing reeked anyway)...since we do not have a bathtub just yet. Well, we actually DO have a bathtub; its just in the front yard. That is a whole other story....and possible blog post!

The doctor removed the cast, which was a bit scary for Mia. He assured her that the saw's bark was much louder than its bite! She kept the cast, adding it to the keepsakes being stored away!

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