Sunday, August 3, 2014

Belly Casting

As with each of our precious pregnancies, we made a cast of my pregnant belly. My pregnancies are a cherished time for our family. I have always enjoyed being pregnancies, being blessed with good health and very little sickness. It has become a tradition to capture the memory of carrying a beloved, little one inside, by creating a cast. In recent years, we have allowed the kids to participate in wrapping mom's belly. They love anything that involves getting their hands into something oooey, gooey! It is amazing how quickly the plaster dries! We need all of these little hands and Dad's big hands to help! They enjoy looking back to see their own specific cast, envisioning what it must have been like to be a babe in the womb. I also love to express my own creativity in painting each cast. I try to make it gender specific with something unique only to each specific child. I also add their name and birth date.

 Coating the belly PRIOR to applying the plaster gauze is a must for comfortable removal!!
 Cutting the strips of gauze for a precise fit takes talent!
 Here I am with many helpers! Almost finished!
 Here is our finished cast!
I am a little behind on the seems there are more pressing things that need painting at the moment. Stay tuned to the finished product a little later!! 

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