Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sassy and Seven

In the fundraising whirlwind, our big girl got even bigger! Actually the same day of our church Yard Sale/Bake Sale was Mia's seventh birthday. We did not want to make our girl miss out on celebrating SO.....what are good parents to do? Invite five 6-9 year old GIRLS, plus your own two (three is you count Abe!) over for a spa slumber party (Mia's choice of course). Eli bailed on the all-girl party. Too many X chromosomes for him! We barely had time to come up for air that day! Up at the crack of dawn, yard sale until noon, all packed up by 1:30 pm, late lunch, pick up cousin Carley, grab cake, ice cream, nail polish and pizza, head home for the festivities. The house began to fill with little girls, laughter and squeals! This is definitely that age of squealing!

They jumped on the trampoline to exert as much sassy energy as possible. 

Then we came in for pizza, cake and ice cream. 
 We promptly began the foot soaking, scrubbing, and lathering. Maybe I should clarify....I began the soaking, scrubbing and lathering.

 Shy even got in on the foot washing!

 We discussed the night of the last supper when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. I know the feet of the disciples were not nearly as cute and dainty as the feet of seven little girls, but I would be willing to compare filth! After each little lady received her foot spa, I proceeded to paint all 70 toes. Each girl picked out her favorite colors (most picked the glittery mix) and design of choice (my favorite was the polka dots).

Here are the finished products! 
After everyone had beautified toes, they steeled down with giant bowls of popcorn to watch An American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky. I was sure after all of the activity, all or most would be asleep by the movie's end. No chance. 

I believe they began to drift off around midnight! 

We were blessed to have been trusted with these little ladies over night. We were blessed to have a house full of friends who genuinely love our daughter. We are tremendously blessed to have been entrusted by God to raise our daughter Mia. It was a happy birthday! The Lord, He is good! 

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