Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nine Months!!!

Little Shy is nine months old! She is learning new tricks each day! At her check up with Dr. Amy, our pediatrician, she weighed 18 lbs (50%), was 26 inches long (10% short stuff) and her head circumference was 42.5 cm (90%). She is growing and she is healthy. She is still a little unsure about food (simply because she has not tried CHOCOLATE yet!) She will get there. Food before one is just for fun, right? Although, she has tried a number of different things from under the table. Who needs a dog when you have a curious baby? Nurses 6 times a day. Naps twice a day. She is almost completely "moved into" her nursery. She is sleeping much longer at night, waking only once some nights to nurse. Still waiting on those teeth to come in.

(I LOVE her personality!)

She has made a new friend in Lila! Lila is so patient and tolerant. Shy loves her fur, so much that she pulls and tugs at Lila's coat. Can't ask for a better pet.  

 Her newest trick, pulling to a stand! One day I found her in her crib this way. No looking back!

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  1. How adorable! Didn't know you had a cat; I like them but am so allergic to them. It is wonderful that she is a good cat. Hope all is well with you.